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We help authors, businesses, & performers share their stories through publishing and public speaking. Because everyone has a story, everyone has a voice. 

Civin Media Relations and Publishing Services believe that words can change the world. We offer a full range of creative and technical services to help you share your story. Our team of writers, editors, illustrators and photographers can help to take your book from idea to reality to the book shelf. 




"We provide a voice to a population that needs to be heard."

CEO & Founder of Civin Media

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Our Success Stories

Civin Media is the answer for anyone in need of a professional touch for their media campaigns or Authors ready to take their books to the next stage of publishing. With their dedication to excellence, Civin Media promises results that will have you joining the Civin Media Hall Of Fame in no time.



Civin Media has successfully published countless books from authors across the US. Check out these lists of our favorite published titles by Category

Children's Books


Children's books are a wonderful way to introduce young readers to the world of literature. They can spark imaginations, teach important lessons, and provide hours of entertainment. Whether you are looking for a bedtime story or something to read aloud with your family, you can find the perfect book for your child here.

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya


Book Publishing | Media & Communications

Writing & Editing

  • Line-Editing

  • Developmental

  • Ghost Writing

  • Manuscript Overview

  • Proof-Reading

  • Beta Reading

Book Publishing

  • Illustrations

  • Design & Formatting

  • Custom Cover Designs

  • Ebook Format & Publishing

  • Book Formatting

  • Copyright & ISBN

  • Book Printing

  • Audio Book Creation


  • Custom Graphics

  • Book Tours & Scheduled Appearances

  • Book Trailers

  • Custom Merchandise

  • Website Design & Copy

Public Relations

  • Individualized PR graphics

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