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Pulling Each Other Along

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Pulling Each Other Along is more than just a book but a movement where we not only recognize our own personal achievements but also take the opportunity to pay it forward and to recognize the person, people, or beliefs that pulled us along to our own relative greatness. Without this driving energy during our moments of trepidation, we would have been unlikely to achieve.

It is too easy to let a sense of self-doubt, fear, and lack of confidence take over, and having the person or team in your corner to pull, push, get out of the way, or even drag you through those moments is absolutely invaluable.

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Civin Media Relations and Publishing Services believe that words can change the world. We offer a full range of creative and technical services to help you share your story. Our team of writers, editors, illustrators and photographers can help to take your book from idea to reality to the book shelf. 


Todd Civin's life changed immeasurably following an interview with world-renowned father/son assisted running team Dick and Rick Hoyt in 2008. Though Rick is non-verbal, he and Todd collaborated on his biography, appropriately entitled, One Letter at a Time.  As a result of their meeting and the success of the book, Todd launched Civin Media Relations to write, publish, and promote books that encourage and build awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. 


In 2017, a mutual friend introduced Todd to Tammi Croteau. Their shared vision led to additional opportunities to help great people tell great stories. In August 2017, they launched Civin Publishing Services, a creative team staffed like minded teammates who believe just as strongly in the power of positive words of encouragement. 

Todd has since created seven full length books and has twice reached number one on the Amazon best seller list for his books Line Change with Matt Brown and Beyond the Finish with Brent and Kyle Pease. He has also created and published nearly 40 children's books, most dealing with Diff-abilities and disability awareness. 


Tammi is a former music teacher who currently serves as a public affairs officer in the Army National Guard and a personal and professional development coach for the federal government. Her passion for working with children led to the creation of numerous projects with young writers and drew many talented student artists to lend a hand in bringing these books to life. 


Todd, Tammi, and the entire Civin Publishing Services team feel strongly that everyone has a story to tell and have found their calling in helping others express themselves in writing.


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