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Meet The Team


Todd Civin  CEO/Founder/Author

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Todd Civin is a husband, father of five and grandfather of five to date. He is a graduate of Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. Todd is the co-owner and creator of Civin Media Relations and Publishing Services and is the Social Media Director for the Kyle Pease Foundation and The Hoyt Foundation.


He is the author of One Letter at a Time with Dick and Rick Hoyt, Line Change with Matt Brown, Beyond the Finish with Brent and Kyle Pease, Destined to Run with Wes Harding, Just My Game with MLB pitcher Jason Grilli and now 121 Days with Sadie and Corbin Raymond.  Line Change, Beyond the Finish and 121 Days spent substantial time on Amazon's best seller list in their respective categories including one week where Line Change and Beyond the Finish topped the list at the same time. He is also the author and creator of children’s books Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way, A Knight in Shining Armor, A Bike to Call Their Own, Together We Finish, A  Cup of Kindness and Courage with Charlie, along with nearly a three dozen additional titles he has written or collaborated on!


The creation of Civin Publishing Services is his absolute pleasure allowing all those associated with the team to provide positive exposure to those who are different or differently-abled. To be able to share the talents of like-minded individuals provides him with an indescribable sense of fulfillment and personal satisfaction. 

Tammi Keen


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Tammi Croteau is an Army National Guard officer and works full-time for the federal government as an analyst and a personal and professional development coach. She holds bachelor's degrees in music education and English/creative writing, a master's degree in music, and will complete a second master's degree in emergency management and disaster response in 2018.


On Christmas Eve 2016, Tammi published her first book, a collection of poetry and short stories titled Can't Bring Me Down, in honor of the friends she has made through her affiliation with I Run 4, a group that matches runners with people with different abilities. A few weeks later, Tammi was introduced to Todd Civin by a mutual friend, and they teamed up to publish Natasha and the Christmas Wish. Tammi's passion for working with and developing young writers and first-time authors led to the establishment of Civin Publishing Services, a branch of Civin Media Relations that she hopes will one day evolve into a non-profit foundation to continue to prove that words can change the world.


Tammi resides in Texas with her dog, Maverick, cats Briscoe and Emma, and long-term foster kitten, Houdini.

Archangelo Crelencia, Illustrator

Eddie Yeung, Illustrator

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Jason Boucher, Illustrator

Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, Illustrator

Jewell Walton, Illustrator

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