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The Missing Piece to CJ's Puzzle
  • The Missing Piece to CJ's Puzzle

    Wanting to be free. Wanting to be me. Trying to make people see. And accept the real me. 

      – Scott Lentine


    There are some who define courage.

    As strength in the face of pain.

    Or the ability to press ahead,

    With a commitment to sustain.


    Let me share the story of CJ,

    Whose challenges have been plenty.

    But his refusal to give into them.

    Is sure to inspire many.


    CJ Tarr, also known as Charles Jr., lives in Worcester. He enjoys gaming and spending time with his animals. CJ did not get into Worcester Voke as it was a lottery system however, he did get accepted to the Engineering program at one of the other high schools in Worcester. CJ is striving to become a veterinarian and feels that the engineering program will teach him skills that will be beneficial in his future aspirations to become a veterinarian. As with anything CJ does a little obstacle never deters him from chasing his dreams.


    Written by Todd Civin, Inspired by CJ Tarr and Illustrated by Richard Clemente

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