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Some Runs Are Like That

Some Runs Are Like That

On October 11, 2021 Beth Craig and her mother Barbara Singleton made history as the first daughter pushing mother duo to complete the Boston Marathon. Following in the tracks of their friends. mentors and inspiration Dick and Rick Hoyt aka Team Hoyt, Team Babsie inspired the world with their love, devotion and dedication towards each other.

"In 1984, at the age of thirty-eight, my mom was diagnosed with early onset slow progressive Multiple Sclerosis. You can imagine the disruption to our lives and to our community. My mother was active. She worked in the school. She had so many friends. With this diagnosis, our family was devastated, relationships were challenged, and family roles had shifted. In my heart, I lost my mother."

"There were many dark moments that our family suffered through, and maybe if I shared some you would have a better understanding of what I lost. However, those moments are private and painful, and it is difficult for me to think about them, never mind speaking of them. They are locked deep inside to protect me from the heartache and to shield me from the negativity that surrounds how our lives were turned upside down."

In these pages Beth shares mother daughter stories of she and Babsie through life and through the 26.2 miles in Boston that catapulted them to the nations headlines for several days in the fall of 2021. Enjoy their story and more as Beth shares the pages of her book with several other inspiring daughter/mother duos!

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