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Pulling Each Other Along

Pulling Each Other Along

PEOA is a compilation book which includes stories written by chapter authors sharing their inspirational stories of helping others and of finding kindness in those who pulled them along to their own level of relative greatness.


The book of kindness stories, which includes a foreword written by NFL Hall of Famer and TV analyst Terry Bradshaw, is co-authored by Todd Civin, who has authored more than 50 children’s books and seven biographiesfeaturing stories of those with differing abilities, and turns his abilities to tell stories of helping hands and incredible stories of motivation and leadership.

The mission of the “Pulling Each Other Along” motivational book is to bring people together by emphasizing the kindness of strangers, and the good in human nature.


Chapter authors and biographies include:

  • Dave Clark- The only professional baseball player on crutches
  • Rocky Bleier- The only Bronze Star & Purple Heart recipient with four Super Bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tim Walsh-Author, filmmaker, and 2020 Game Innovator of the Year nominee
  • Willie Robinson-World traveler and linebacker coach of the Georgetown Hoyas
  • Mike "Dreamchaser" Smith-Above the elbow amputee, Army Veteran and Triathlete
  • Mindy Scheier-Founder of Runway of Dreams; Fashion Designer
  • Dana Zumbo- Zappos Adaptive-Promoting adaptive clothing for the style of all
  • Liv Stone-Team USA 2x Gold Medalist Para Surf World Champion
  • Bob Babbitt - Founder of Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Chris Nikic- Only person with Down Syndrome to complete a full Ironman
  • Brent Pease - Kyle Pease-First brothers to complete the famed Ironman Kona World Championship
  • Beth James & Liza-First Mother/Daughter team to finish an Ironman and compete in the Ironman World Championship
  • Amy Palmiero-Single leg amputee, World-record holder and ESPY winner
  • Armanda Kloo-Teacher, mother, athlete blessed with the "Miracle of Cerebral Palsy"
  • Brandy & Gavin Lawry-Gavin “The Face”…unbreakable spirit of love pursuing health
  • SWFL - Southwest Florida Community Foundation
  • Dave Stevens-Only legless TV personality / NCAA football and pro baseball player
  • Marnie Schneider- Author, Speaker, & Founder of Keep on Playing Foundation
  • Lauren Lieberman-Founder & Director of Camp Abilities and Global Fulbright Scholar
  • Jay Lawrence- Quadriplegic, football league creator & team owner
  • Bonnie Mann- 3x World Champion Boxer & HOF Inductee
  • Baxter Humby-First professional fighter to become World Champion with one hand
  • Jamal Hill-Paralympic swim champion ranked #1 in the USA- Paralympic bronze medal winner
  • John & Mark Cronin- Father-son team spreading happiness through John's Crazy Socks.
  • Courtney Runyon- Best-selling author, speaker, autoimmune survivor, and social media darling
  • Laura Chagnon- Quadriplegic, legally blind, traumatic brain injury survivor, published poet, motivational speaker
  • Ava Paige-Singer/songwriter, fighting Leukemia "one note at a time"
  • Ieva Robinson-Pro basketball USSR born overcomer of challenges
  • Auti Angel-Earth Angel who Pioneered Wheelchair Hip Hop
  • Austin & Angelia Booth- Mother/son duo with “Punishers” protection
  • Thom (Tank) Cullen-President Collier County Punishers
  • Rick & Dick Hoyt- Father/son duo team that competed in 32 Boston Marathons and 1100 athletic competitions. First duo to complete Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii
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