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Never Touched a Pen by Laura Chagnon

Never Touched a Pen by Laura Chagnon

In 1989 on Laura's 26th birthday, she was the victim of a senseless assault in Boston, MA. She was left for dead in front of New England Medical Center where the assailant threw her out of his car. She was brought inside and was in a coma for five weeks. Laura awoke a quadriplegic, legally blind, with a head injury. Four years in rehab facilities followed. I think that's enough to make most people quit on life. I said most people. You don't know the inner spirit of Laura Chagnon.


​I met Laura in 2000 through the Internet. A visit to her parents home followed and I saw a shy, soft-spoken woman in a wheel chair. That's the first impression one will get when they initially meet her. After getting to know her, I realized that she was defined by incredible determination and a work ethic to be envied. A normal day will have her crafting poems with her caregivers from early morning until she goes to bed at night.


Nothing stops Laura from creating poem after poem. Doctors had given her little hope of being a productive member of society. This was all the fuel she needed to prove them wrong. Laura has been on a 25-year mission to get a book of her poems nationally published. Last year she met an angel. Todd Civin from Mascot Books worked with Laura to make her dream come true. She is excited to share her poetry with the world. "Hello Adversity, you didn't stand a chance against Laura Chagnon.""Never Touched A Pen" will take flight upon the wings of Mascot Books. At last, her chance to share her poetry with all of you.

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