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MacKenzie: Baby She Was Born to Mother
  • MacKenzie: Baby She Was Born to Mother

    MacKenzie: Baby She Was Born to Mother is the second in the series by The Mia Foundation.  MacKenzie is the nurse, mother and official greeter at the Mia Foundation in Rochester, NY. A rescue who was born with a cleft palate, MacKenzie was nursed back to health herself following successful surgery.  A born nurturer and care giver, MacKenzie accompanies other animals to doctor visits, exercises them, cuddles with them and provides them with the love and TLC required for the many orphaned animals at the Mia Foundation.


    Civin Media Relations author Todd Civin has this time joined with illustrator Jason Boucher to create this wonderful tale of MacKenzie and her mothering epertoire'. CMR and The Mia Foundation teamed up in late 2019 to create Lundy and Herman; The Differently-Abled Friendship That Traveled the World about Herman the pigeon that could not fly and Lundy the Chihuahua that could not walk. This book is also available on the Civin Media Relations website.


    ***A portion of all proceeds go to the Mia Foundation***

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