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Just Figure Out A Way By Coralyn Weeks
  • Just Figure Out A Way By Coralyn Weeks

    Coralyn Weeks is 8 years old and lives in Tucson, AZ . Coralyn has a younger brother named Rikson, and although she is still young she has always noticed the way the world views her brother and others with differences. She was inspired to share with the world that you can always figure out a way. We all have gifts to share and just because someone is different doesn’t mean they don’t have value.


    REVIEW BY ALICE KUNZ: This is a heartfelt story of not just acceptance, but gentle pride and admiration in the myriad things that make us individuals. Differently abled humans are among us everywhere; it is beneficial but also critically important to open the conversation to our youth – not just for youth who recognize their differences and seek context for them, but also for their peers, family, and community. The illustrations (done by another youth) are charming and stylistic, and the story is written from an honest, intimate, and proud perspective of a non-verbal child's sibling. It's adorable, it's sincere, and it's genuinely uplifting.For every differently abled kiddo out there in every myriad shade of awesome individuality – this one's for you.

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