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Johnny Pizzi's Italian Alphabet Soup
  • Johnny Pizzi's Italian Alphabet Soup

    Johnny Pizzi is a renowned comedian, magician and mentalist. His talents have led his audiences to refer to him as an entertainment chameleon. Now the entertainer has become an author with his first children's book, "Johnny Pizzi's Italian Alphabet Soup."

    Read as Marco improves his English and spelling skills while mailman Johnny enjoys a taste of Mama's home cooking. With cameo appearances by Lenny Clarke and Steve Sweeney, Johnny Pizzi's Alphabet Soup will leave you hungry for Johnny's next book.

    Here's a taste of Johnny's book

    Marco was born in Italy,
    Came to America when he was just four.
    Marco’s English was not that good,
    But he wanted to learn more.

    At the table, he stared down in the soup,
    His parents filled with so much love.
    Then suddenly at that moment,
    Came a miracle from high above.

    Co-written by Todd Civin, author of more than 70 books under the Civin Media Relations Publishing company and illustrated by artist Jason Boucher, the trio plans to collaborate on several additional titles in the future.

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