I have had a passion for writing for many decades. I have come to write about many animals and fell deeply in love with, yes, giraffes. Their grace and beauty is amazing to me. I found myself writing almost daily about them. I have written about other animals as well. I have watched them from afar. Thank goodness for webcams as they have brought me into a world I hold dearly in my heart. I have met many in chats and have become very close to a few. I have shared many of my writings in groups that I hold near to me as well. The love and support I get back is truly humbling. They raise me up and that is in itself indescribable. I finally took a leap of faith and my children’s book was a dream come true for me. This book is for an older and younger audience alike. A book to entertain everyone. There will be more ot come in the future. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing each one. Blessings to all and much love to you.

Giraffe Love by - Lynn DiMaggio