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ELEVEN by Laura Chagnon

ELEVEN by Laura Chagnon

On the evening of her 26th birthday in 1989, Laura Chagnon was attacked and left for dead on Harrison Avenue in Boston. Her life changed that night…for the better after spending nearly five weeks in a coma and waking a legally blind quadriplegic.


Laura then spent four years in a rehabilitation facility when doctors wanted to have her institutionalized. She forgives her unknown attackers for leaving her with the gift of poetry. “I’d gladly trade my legs in exchange for the ability to write poetry,” says Laura. During a journey that has lasted twenty-eight years,

Laura has composed over 6,000 poems. She writes from sun up to sun down. Her soulmate Tom calls her a poetry machine. After launching her wildly successful books, Never Touched a Pen, Accepting the Waltz, Moon-Dusted Blue, So Blessed to be Alive, and her autobiography, My Name is not Jane Doe, Risen from the Ashes, a compilation of her most significant works to date, A Treasure Chest of Poems, Risen From the Ashes, Shining Brightly and she now publishes Eleven.


The eleventh in the Inspired Poetry of Laura Chagnon. Enjoy the inspired poetry of this incredible woman, whom many call the Poet Laureate of Massachusetts.


Cover Illustration by Jeffery Sweet

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