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A New Day In Education ~ A Global Perspective on Competency-Based Learning

A New Day In Education ~ A Global Perspective on Competency-Based Learning

In A New Day in Education: A Global Perspective on Competency-Based Learning in a Post-Pandemic World, Dr. Ekstrom shares her insight and experience from a unique vantage point, having served as a professional educator while also balancing parenthood and pursuing her own doctoral studies simultaneously. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the field of education with constant change, learning from experience and applying those lessons learned is critical to ensuring the social-emotional well-being of students, families, and educators alike. Dr. Ekstrom offers solid examples of the benefits of incorporating competency-based and authentic learning opportunities, urging educators to move beyond "checking the boxes" of compliance and empower one another and their students to think outside the box and to truly engage. By examining the issues facing today's schools and discussing practical, human-centric solutions from multiple perspectives, Dr. Ekstrom offers a unifying vision that will reignite a passion for learning and inspire a renewed sense of purpose. 


Dr. Ekstrom received her PhD in Research and Evaluation in Education from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She has served as an Executive Director for an educational collaborative, Superintendent of Schools, Director of Special Education and Student Services, Director of Teaching and Learning, Special Education Team Chairperson, Special Education Teacher, Regular Education Teacher, and Paraprofessional. Dr. Ekstrom established Academic Discoveries, LLC in 2020, with a goal of supporting educational systems and small organizations throughout the United States.


Dr. Ekstrom is an international presenter, providing professional training at annual conferences in: Shanghai, China; New Orleans, Louisiana; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and many communities throughout Massachusetts.



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