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121 Days by Sadie Raymond and Todd Civin

121 Days by Sadie Raymond and Todd Civin

Corbin Raymond of Boscawen, NH was seriously injured in a car accident on July 4, 2018. Corbin's injuries were so severe, that doctors told his family to say their goodbyes. The odds were stacked against him and the likelihood of Corbin's survival was slim. 
His mom, Sadie, didn't believe the doctors prognosis and though scared and in a state of shock, she knew that Corbin would survive. When he was airlifted to a Boston hospital, experts advised her that the damage to Corbin's brain would prevent him from living a normal life. 
"I refused to believe them. Corbin looked at me and he knew who I was. It wasn’t a blank stare into nowhere. He knew I was his mother and he had things he wanted to say to me. He wanted to be here and he wanted to fight." ~ Sadie Raymond
For 121 Days, Corbin fought, while Sadie and the Raymond family sat by his side waiting for the Corbin they knew and loved to return. Long days and even longer nights passed with little progress and little hope. Doctors expressed the reality of Corbin's chances of survival. But his Mom never stopped believing that the son she knew would return.
Learn what kept Sadie going and kept Corbin fighting, in this gripping tale of hope, faith and miracles. 
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