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Natasha and the Christmas Wish is a beautifully illustrated children's book whose proceeds will benefit Downside Up in Russia. Downside Up is an organization that provides resources to families in Eastern Europe who have children with Down syndrome. A high percentage of children born with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe end up in orphanages. Downside Up does their best to prevent this by educating families on how they can stay together. 

Another part of the proceeds will be saved for Natasha. The hope is that one day she will finally be allowed to come home to the family that loves her in America. If that is not possible the money will be used to keep her in her good orphanage after she turns 18. Normally, she would be transferred to a mental institution at 18 if she is unable to provide an income that would allow her to stay there.

Written by Tammi Croteau with Katrina Morriss, illustrated by Jason Boucher, managing editor Todd Civin, Russian translation by Alexander Plotkin.

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