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Maddie Wilson: Going Really Fast
  • Maddie Wilson: Going Really Fast

    Maddie Wilson was born with Spina Bifida but that hasn't stopped her from being the fastest athlete in Spencer, MA. Often referred to as that STREAK OF PINK, the 11 year old has established herself as one of the elite female wheelchair racers in the sport for her age group. Known throughout Massachusetts, Maddie is mentored by multi-Boston Marathon wheelchair winner Tatyana McFadden who Maddie aspires to follow. Maddie will continue to chase her goal to win her own Boston Marathon medal beginning in seven years when she is old enough to compete in the Grand Daddy of all races. 


    Going Really Fast is not only Maddie's motto but is the title of her new children's book by Civin Media Relations and shares Maddie's inspirational story which encourages young children to accept and aspire to be FAST like MADDIE!!


    Maddie and her family will be donating proceeds to the DAVID PROUTY HIGH SCHOOL TRACK REPLACEMENT...What a wonderful gesture. #HELPINGPROUTYGETBACKONTRACK

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