The first book in the Adventures in Noahland series, “Different but the Same”, is completed and available for pre-order. The book shares that although Noah may have to do things differently from the way typical kids do them, they are more alike than not.  I am beyond excited to share Noah and Naomi’s story with the world, and hoping you’ll join me in getting the word out!


When you pre-order the book now through July 15th you’ll receive as a gift a 5x7 size selection of Noah’s art suitable for framing or use as a greeting card. 


The book is $14.95* for one, $26* for two, or $11.50* for three or more. It would be a wonderful gift to the children you know, and a great donation to your church, school, or public library.


Thank you for being a part of the adventure!


*plus sales tax


 Different but the Same


”Mommy” your little one whispers loudly. “What’s wrong with that kid over there?”


This book provides a warm and wonderful tool for parents and teachers to use when talking to children about those who are different from themselves due to disabilities.  Children and adults alike will see “different doesn’t mean less than!”. Through its pages you are welcomed into Noahland, a very real place where meals are received through a tube in the tummy, and homework consists of an almost daily line up of physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy… . Yet pull back the curtain on what at first glance is just a boy with significant challenges and you’ll discover a thoroughly likeable kid who enjoys playing with friends, painting, and doing the same things typical kids do, but in a different way.  Written in rhyme, and letting the obvious speak for itself, the vibrant illustrations bring to life the everyday nuances between typical and differently-abled daily living in an engaging and enjoyable way.


"This is phenomenal and amazing. Just WOW! As an educator and administrator (principal) for 30 years this book meets so many educational standards (literature with the rhyme, science with the scenery, identification of primary colors, etc.) in a fun and creative way. This book is rich with possibilities and only limited by your imagination in how this can be used to teach kids in a traditional setting using authentic literature." 

                                                                      Louella Simmons, Ed.D., M.Div., BCC 


It is my hope that the reading of this book will result in casual as well as in-depth discussions about this topic. I hope it will alleviate the awkwardness and discomfort many children (and adults) feel when in the presence of a person with disabilities.  I hope that parents and others with special needs kids in their lives will be encouraged as they see Noah and his mom focus less on the limitations of what they cannot do and more on the endless possibilities of what they CAN DO.   And that can make a world of difference.


Different But The Same ~ Adventures in Noahland